13th June

How to Increase Traffic to Your Business with a Floral Window Display

How to Increase Traffic to Your Business with a Floral Window Display

A creative, chic floral window display can be the first impression that a new customer gets of your brand. It’s a form of advertising whatever you are selling, whether that is for goods or services. A well-dressed window can encourage prospective customers to stop and look at your business, which increases the chances of them coming into your shop or business. So what can you do to boost your business by dressing the window?

Should Customers Be Able to See Through Window Dressing?

Old fashioned commercial window displays used to have a solid stack of goods in the shop window, but the latest fashion is for window displays that also showcase the shop or business behind. 

This lets customers look inside, and according to recent psychological studies new customers are far more likely to come into a business if they have some idea what to expect. Using tricks such as prominent gaps or waist high displays when displaying your products helps show off your products nicely as well as let passers-by see into your premises. If you use BloomsArts artificial flowers to create a stunning commercial window display, you can use colours that match your design, logo or products.

Sell Your Business With Professional Floral Window Dressing

Many of BloomsArts clients, who include Burberry, Bulgari and Hilton have used our real touch silk flowers to create memorable and sophisticated window displays and interior décor. They understand that a really creative window display using high-quality artificial flowers can enhance your brand identity, provoke comment and ultimately drive new business your way. Even if you are a small, independent business, an eye-catching, well designed retail window that features floral decor can send a message to new customers about what your company is all about. It signals to them what to expect when they walk into the store.

Use Shape and Colour to Create an Impact

Even if you have a small budget, professional floral stylists from our Chelsea faux flowers shop can help you use fake flowers to make your window really pop. You can mix colours and shapes to reflect your brand or even contrast with it in interesting ways. And using certain shapes such as pyramids can draw the eye towards your products. We also advise grouping key products together along with our silk flowers to highlight that particular item. Many large, world-renowned stores such as Harrods and Selfridges are well known for their lavish window displays. They include a budget for eye-catching window designs, as they know the value that it can add to their business. Smaller businesses can follow their lead on a budget by using seasonal fake flowers to enhance a Christmas or spring theme. You can even use display stands to add depth and structure to a shop window, they can be decorated with foliage or flowers to show off products.

Remember to Think Laterally

If your business sells services rather than products, for example, a hotel, then you can use BloomsArt high-end fake flowers in London to attract attention to your business. If you think creatively then you can target your window décor to the type of customers that you want to attract. Be creative, have fun, and if in doubt contact us at BloomsArt for a quote for a professional floral window display.