13th June

Artificial Flowers: Gift Ideas

Get Creative with Your Home Decor

Use your creativity to make beautiful, long-lasting floral displays that can be changed to fit the seasons. 

BloomsArt reproduction flowers are stunning, easy to clean, need no watering or pruning and are available in a wide range of hues and styles.

Arrange a chic window display with BloomsArt orchids – bring the colours in your home together with the creative use of BloomsArt flowers. Use our floral displays to create a cohesive colour scheme in your home or office workspace. Accent the colours of your favourite furnishings and accessories with our luxury blooms. Use the beautiful blues, purples ambers and golds of our hydrangeas to draw your colour scheme together. Place them in tall, glass vases on your tables or windowsills; gift them to someone moving home, or just because their day needs brightening.

Arrange a multi-tonal orange and brown BloomsArt Vanda orchid with feathery green artificial fern fronds, in a tall, slender glass vase. Combine creamy silk magnolia and silk Dendrobium orchids with some branches for a lovely effect on a sunlit windowsill, or place Calla lilies with decorative grasses in vases of different heights on your living or dining room table to bring a smile to the space.

Choose BloomsArt flowers. Choose Your Season

The fresh flower alternative only has a brief seasonal window:

Artificial flowers are trans-seasonal, which allows you or your loved one to display and enjoy your favourite blooms throughout the year. If you’re a fan of Peonies, which only flower for a short time in nature, then BloomsArt can help, with a variety of colours and arrangements to allow you to enjoy them and your other favoured flowers year-round.

Bring the Outdoors Inside:

Create unity between your interior space and your garden. Use BloomsArt’s artificial floral displays to accent your indoor colour scheme with a garden table or trellis. Alternatively, use an outdoor style dining table inside your home, decorated with our artificial blossoms. This will complement your garden while giving you the feeling of being outside. You can even buy or hire an on-trend flower wall to provide a deluxe floral backdrop for any garden party or event. It's the ideal backdrop for a wedding or birthday party and makes for very Instagrammable pictures.

Jazz up Your Entrance Hall :

An artistically arranged floral display will brighten up your home or business space making it more welcoming for family, guests or visitors. Cheery, large BloomsArt Chrysanthemum blooms in a range of colours from white to light-pink, green, red and yellow will enliven any home or workspace. Alternatively, opt for artificial Hydrangeas, available in a myriad of colours from off white to dark burgundy.

Gift a Loved One BloomsArt’s Lifelike Flowers in a Vase:

At BloomsArt we are happy to create an artificial floral arrangement for you. We have a range of flowers from tall Plumeria, Amaryllis and Hydrangeas, to Peonies and silk Calla lilies that will add colour and warmth to any room; just add our pretty glass vase to make a delightful gift.

At BloomsArt, you can enjoy your favourite flowers whatever the time of year. Our faux flowers are made from the most modern technologies in artificial flowers and are allergy free, and very easy to care for. Whether you want to decorate the interior of your home, or create a stunning table setting for a special event, or even decorate your commercial business, we have gorgeous fake flowers for hire or to buy in London.